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Evergreen Telecom Services, LLC, is a full-service telecommunications firm with a network of over 100 independent agent relationships throughout the United States. For experienced telecom professionals who are seeking new opportunities with Evergreen Telecom Services, you’ll be partnering with a master agent whose robust support helps you build your business and improve cash flow and customer service. We invite you to learn more about joining our team and take advantage of our decades of experience and the benefits of our direct relationship with AT&T.

Diverse business solutions
As an AT&T Alliance Channel™ Solution Provider, we sell a full range of AT&T solutions to companies of all sizes that are looking for the best integrated solutions available today. Our products and services include internet, voice, networking and network security, unified communications and collaboration, and mobility services. We also have strategic relationships with telecommunications carriers nationwide to ensure you always have the right solutions for your operational needs.

Our outstanding portfolio of products is backed by our excellent support and service to both our agents and business customers. From design and pricing to implementation and end user support, expense management, and telecom consultation services, Evergreen Telecom Services drives business success for everyone with whom we partner.

Award-winning telecom provider
Since 2004, the AT&T Alliance Channel has recognized us every year for the exceptional services we provide. Leading industry businesses like Telecom Experts, Telarus, TCG, WTG, and many other telecom agencies and clients have benefited from our expertise in the telecom industry.

For more information about our integrated telecommunications solutions or to become an Evergreen agent, use the forms below. Or contact us at 770-993-8955 or admin@evergreentelecom.com to get started.


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