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Q: How does Evergreen Telecom Services support its agents?
A: We have a long-standing and experienced back office that helps your orders get installed and billed correctly so that you can focus on your sales that matter most.

Q: What kinds of mobility services do you offer companies?
A: We have the full array of AT&T Wireless business services as well as access to other carriers’ wireless services that we will recommend if those are a better match for your organization.

Q: What do your expense management audits entail?
A: Our seasoned consultants can help you do a deep dive into your current telecom services, provide a no-cost analysis, and make recommendations for improvements to better control your costs.

Q: How much money on average have your customers saved after an expense audit?
A: On average, our business clients can save over 20% on their current services after our audit.

Q: What geographic areas does Evergreen Telecom Services serve?
A: We work with clients nationwide as well as some global clients that need our help.

Q: What types of internet services do you offer?
A: Fiber is the #1 internet service currently available to businesses for maximum stability of their crucial data needs.

Q: How can you help a business that has multiple locations?
A: Clients with multiple locations can benefit from our aggregated buying practices that minimize their costs and maximize their telecom productivity.

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